Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   Is my child eligible for transportation?

A.   The Board’s distance criteria for eligibility is as follows:


            Peel District School Board

            K1, K2 & Grade 1          residing more than 1 km from designated school of attendance

            Grade 2 – 4                   residing more than 1.6 km from designated school of attendance

            Grade 5 – 8                   residing more than 2 km from designated school of attendance    

            Grade 9 – 12                 residing more than 3.8 km from designated school of attendance


            Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

            JK – Grade 1                 residing more than 1 km from designated school of attendance

            Grade 2 – 4                   residing more than 1.6 km from designated school of attendance

            Grade 5 – 8                   residing more than 2 km from designated school of attendance

            Grade 9 – 12                 residing more than 3.8 km from designated school of attendance

                    ** (3.2 km in communities not served by public transit)


Transportation eligibility information is available at


Q.    Is transportation provided from daycare or babysitter locations?

A.    Yes, transportation may be provided subject to the following:

        Should an alternate address, within the attendance area, be downloaded for a student, transportation would be provided subject to the following criteria:

·      Primary address must be within the same attendance area

·      Alternate address meets the eligibility criteria for that grade level

·      That the address is consistent 5 days a week

Therefore, transportation may be provided from one address in the morning and to an alternate address in the afternoon as long as the above criteria is met.


Q.    Is transportation provided for students with medical conditions?

A.    A temporary medical request for "door to door" transportation may be made if the student is eligible for transportation and has a physical disability that prevents them from boarding their school bus and walking to their seat. A temporary medical request may also be made if a student has a medical condition that severely limits their mobility (i.e. the student is deemed medically fragile and is restricted from all physical activities at school) and they require assistance to navigate school hallways, stairways and classrooms. A completed "Request for Medical Transportation" form (TFL006) must be completed by a doctor detailing the medical condition and physical restrictions for the student and also be endorsed by school administration.


Q.    Where is my child’s bus stop and what time will they be picked up and dropped off?

A.    All bus run information is available at your child’s school effective the week prior to the commencement of school or visit and access “student login”.


Q.    How far will my child have to walk to get to their bus stop?

A.    Maximum walk to stop distances are:

 Kindergarten  0.4 km 
 Grades 1-6  0.8 km
 Grades 7-12  1.2 km

       Walk to stop distance measurements are conducted exclusively using BusPlanner software and are measured from the nearest property line to the designated bus stop location utilizing all accessible pedestrian routes.


Q.    If I don’t like my child’s bus stop, can it be changed?

A.    Requests for changes to bus stops are accepted and will be reviewed only with respect to safety and/or efficiency issues at the bus stop location. No changes to bus stops are considered during the first six weeks of school. Centralized bus stops are used, so it should be understood that students will be required to walk a limited distance to and from the bus stop. Requests for bus stop adjustments to accommodate parent/caregiver health issues or convenience will not be considered.


Q.    If I am dissatisfied with responses received from STOPR staff regarding requested service enhancements or eligibility status, is there a further option to challenge these decisions?

A.    Yes. There is a procedure which enables you to submit an appeal document for consideration by the STOPR Administrative Team. The procedure and form for transportation appeals are available on the website. The appeal process is provided in the “Procedures” section and identified as STOPR028. The appeal submission form is provided in the “School Forms” section and is identified as TFL017 – Appeal Process Form.


Q.    If my child is not eligible for transportation, may I purchase transportation service from the Board?

A.    No, the Ministry of Education prohibits Boards from charging fees for transportation service.


Q.    I have enrolled my children in the school at school year start. Is transportation available immediately?

A.    No. It may be up to a period of two weeks before transportation for your child is in place. Please be prepared to provide access to and from school for your child for up to two weeks.


Q.    I have enrolled my child in a school which is not their designated school of attendance. Is transportation provided?

A.    No. Transportation services are not provided for any students attending schools other than their designated school of attendance.


Q.    My child is not eligible for transportation according to Board policy. Are there any other options available to me?

A.    Yes. You may apply for a courtesy seat on an existing bus to your school through the “Courtesy Seat” policy. Applications are to be made at the school and successful applicants may commence riding the bus in early October after they have been assigned by Student Transportation. Please be aware that this privilege is subject to change each year, and contingent upon availability, your child may not have transportation for the full school year. Courtesy Seat approval is for the current school year only. Those wishing to apply for a Courtesy Seat must do so annually.


Q.    Who is responsible for my child’s safety prior to boarding the bus and after disembarking from the bus?

A.    The parent or caregiver is responsible for the student until they board the bus and after they disembark from the bus.


Q.    If I have concerns about the safety of the pedestrian route my child uses to get to either the school or the designated bus stop location, where should these concerns be addressed?

A.    Implementation and maintenance of safe pedestrian access routes is the responsibility of the municipality, therefore concerns of this nature should be addressed to the municipality in which you reside.


Q.    My child is in kindergarten. Are there any special provisions for kindergarten students?

A.    Yes. Kindergarten students being returned by bus at the end of the school day will not be permitted to exit the bus unless the appropriate parent or caregiver is present to meet them at their bus stop. Kindergarten students who are not met will be returned to their school and the parent/caregiver will need to make their own arrangements to pick them up there. This protocol also applies to grade one students as well.


Q.    If the weather is bad, how do I know if buses are cancelled?

A.    Bus cancellation information is provided to a significant number of media outlets, and is generally communicated by 6 AM. Specific information regarding this will be provided to you in early November.


Q.    I am moving to a new residential address, how do I notify STOPR regarding my new address?

A.    All address information changes should be reported to school administration at the school which your child is currently attending.