Transportation Procedures

STOPR001 – Administrative Details

STOPR002 – Transportation Eligibility

STOPR003 – Walking Distances to the Bus Stop 

STOPR004 – Responsibilities of the Students

STOPR005 – Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians 

STOPR006 – Responsibilities of School Principal 

STOPR007 – Responsibilities of School Bus Operators and Drivers 

STOPR008 – Responsibilities of STOPR 

STOPR009 – Out of Area Students

STOPR010 – Duration of Bus Trip

STOPR011 – Primary Protocol 

STOPR012 – Bus Stop Assessment 

STOPR013 – Courtesy Transportation

STOPR014 – Joint Custody Transportation

STOPR015 – Child Booster Seats, Car Seats

STOPR016 – Procedures in the Event of a Lost Child 

STOPR017 – Progressive Discipline for Infractions on a School Bus

STOPR018 – Service Parameters

STOPR019 – Special Education Transportation

STOPR020 – Student Code of Conduct 

STOPR021 – Transporting Equipment To and From School on School Bus

STOPR022 – Transporting Students with Service Animals

STOPR023 – Public Transit

STOPR024 – Transportation Eligibility Factors

STOPR025 – Accident Procedures 

STOPR026 – Moving Stops Due to Property Owner Complaint

STOPR027 – School Emergency Contact Information

STOPR028 – Transportation Appeal Process 

STOPR029 - Inclement Weather

STOPR030 – Medical Emergencies on the Bus 

STOPR031 – Transportation Eligibility Reassessments

STOPR032 – Transportation Lockdown Procedure

STOPR033 – Medical Transportation

STOPR034 – Bell Time Adjustment 

STOPR035 – School Bus Parking Procedure 

STOPR036 – Video Cameras on School Buses 

STOPR037 – Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

STOPR038 - Life Threatening Medical Conditions

STOPR039 - Opt-Out Procedure